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ST&L has a wide variety of materials, shapes, coatings and options for finished products.

Our experts have over 40 years of experience in the printing industry.

Please contact us directly for special requests or assistance.

Flexographic Printing: using plates to transfer inks onto labels, flexographic is one of the most popular printing techniques in our industry due to its ability for large runs of custom labels at an affordable cost. This traditional method of printing that can be used on almost any type of substrate including paper, plastic, tag stock, foil

and film. We have 8 color stations and options for custom dies so the options are endless.

Digital Printing: The manageable set-up costs for digital labels can be ideal for smaller companies, or those

wishing to purchase a smaller quantity of short-run product labels. With a faster turn-around time, digital label printing offers photographic quality, crisp graphics, as well as variable data options.​ Our digital printer produces

high quality labels on tag stock, a variety of papers as well as plastic weather resistant material.


Sheets: The sheets can be adjusted to fit your size specifications. We can sheet a variety of materials such as tag stock and paper materials, we can also customize internal die cuts.

Rolls: All of our labels can be finished on rolls. There are options to specify core size, quantity on the roll, max diameter of the roll and the roll wind direction to fit your needs.

Fanfold: Some industries prefer fanfolded labels because of easy

storage and are thermal printer ready. These are perfect for imprinting personalized information for your business. 

Pinfeed: Continuous pinfeed labels are affordable and easy to use. ST&L offers custom sizing and perforation to meet the requirements of your dot matrix printer.


Paper Labels: High gloss, semi-gloss and matte finished paper is offered as an economical choice for standard labels as well as color rich and vibrant labels.

Foil Labels: Eye catching for a higher and more elegant appearance , used often in the beauty, bath as well as adult beverage industries.

Clear Labels: Some window clings, food, beverage and cleaning products often use clear labels for a see-through look that highlights the product.

Specialty Labels: Bar codes, QR codes, consecutive numbering, tamper evident and void labels are all options ST&L offers as well as specialty adhesives upon request. 


Lamination: With an assortment of lamination types, we can work together to find what works best for you. We have Matte, Clear and Imprintable lamination.

Varnishing: Similar to our lamination we offer a Matte varnish and a clear varnish. We also have the capability to do spot varnishes on our flexographic presses.

UV Coating: Food safety is a priority here at ST&L. We not only have materials that are food safe, we also offer a food safe UV Coating to keep your labels looking great while being safe. 

Imprinting: Consecutive numbering, bar codes and inventory numbering are all things we can offer on a variety of our finished products.


Rectangle: We see more complex and robust designs are often used on rectangular labels for bottles, jars, cartons, and more.

Circle: A perfect shape to grab attention with bold designs and colors, circle labels will grab attention for products, and can also be used in office settings for marking boxes, sealing invoices, and similar uses.

Oval: Higher end brands use oval labels to slightly stand out on the shelf, working well with simple, elegant artwork.

Custom Shape: We have over 1,500 dies in a variety of shapes and sizes. If we do not have what you are looking for, we are able to customize die plates for a small one time fee. 

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