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Glossy White Labels: semi-gloss that is easily transformed with vibrant colors and text.

Matte White Labels: flat, soft appearance for higher end, more elegant appearance, used often in the beauty and bath products industry.

Clear Labels: food, beverage, bath, and beauty products often need water-resistant materials, available in glossy and matte for a see-through look that highlights products.

Weatherproof Labels: water, sun, and other forms of exposure call for materials that can handle extreme situations, we can help you find the best media for your use.


Rectangle: more complex and robust designs are often used on these labels for bottles, jars, cartons, and more.

Oval: higher end brands use oval labels to slightly stand out on the shelf, working well with simple, elegant artwork.

Circle: a perfect shape to grab attention with bold designs and colors, circle labels will grab attention for products, and can also be used in manufacturing and office settings for marking boxes, sealing invoices, and similar uses.

Custom: unique, eye-catching shapes are an ideal solution to standing out, if we don't have exactly what you need, we can work with you to create a custom die.


Roll Labels
Self-Adhesive Labels
Glossy White
Matte White
Glossy Clear
Matte Clear
Sheet Labels
Durable Labels
Brown Craft Labels
Thermal Transfer Labels
Foil Labels


Consecutive Number: digital printing allows ST&L to print consecutive number labels to aid in keeping track of anything that needs accounting for your business. We work with your variable data starting and ending on any digit.

Barcodes: used to communicate information about consumer goods between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. For inventory, shipping, and receiving, our quality standards better ensure your barcode labels will be eaily read by scanners.

QR Codes:  quick response codes allow smartphone users to scan and access information quickly and with easy. They are a great way to engage with consumers through websites, coupons, giveaways, and contact forms.


Digital Printing: designed for label printing to guarantee quality and consistency, the manageable set-up costs for digital labels can be ideal for smaller companies, or those wishing to purchase a smaller quantity of short-run product labels. With a faster turn-around time, digital label printing offers photographic quality, crisp graphics, as well as variable data options.

Flexographic Printing: using plates to transfer inks onto labels, flexographic  is one of the most popular printing techniques in our industry due to it's ability for large runs of custom labels at an affordable cost. We can produce many types of labels, all on the same printer due to the use of dies and printing plates.