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Custom labels can be achieved through many different methods, with digital and flexographic being the most efficient for most businesses. Commercial printing processes and technologies come is a wide variety to suit varying requirements. With a fleet of flexo printing machines ST&L has the capacity to print up to 8 colors on any job, with machines running non-stop day and night. Our digital printing presses are available for lower volume jobs need a fast turn-around.

Why Digital?

- Short to medium runs.
- Less set-up time.
- Ability to make changes quickly.
- Variable data ability.
- Produces bright, vivid colors, smooth gradations, and shadows without drop-off.
- Ability to hit 97% of Pantone colors.
- Fewer steps in the printing process provides faster turn-around times.
- Affordable customization.
- .375" up to 24" labels up to 7.75" web width.


Why Flexo Printing

- High speed for large runs (bulk orders).
- Wide range of substrates available for printing.
- Endless finishing abilities.
- Innovative inks, varnish, lamination, foils, etc.
- Economical.
- Little to no drying time.
- Prints on both porous and non-porous materials.
- Easy plate-making process allows for millions of images with one template.
- Pre-established inking amounts during the printing process leading to no needed adjustments or re-calculations.
- Ideal for solid color printing.
- Capable of printing continuous patterns.
- .375" up to 24" labels up to 15.75" print web width.


- Glossy White: This blank canvas is open to your design through artwork, various shapes, finishes, and more. A laminate or UV coating will enhance sheen and durability.
- Matte White: Used most often for a natural or elegant feel, matte labels are a soft, flat finish making them ideal for softer industries including skin care, cosmetics, organics, and cosmetics. They can be applied to glass jars and bottles, cardboard, and most other surfaces.
- Clear: Food, beverage, bath, and beauty products often use clear labels due to their water-resistant properties.
- Weatherproof: Tough industrial conditions or outdoor applications need labels that stand up to the job.


Label Shapes

The most common label shapes are rectangle, square, oval, and circle and are used in every industry and market in our economy. We carry 1,375 cutting dies to choose from, though if ST&L will make one to your specifications for an additional cost. Unsure of your exact need? Our team is happy to consult one-on-one with you. We can create almost any shape and style you require.
- Squares & Rectangles: Product labels, information labels, warning labels, instructions, bumper stickers, business promotion, advertisements, community involvement.
- Circles & Bursts: Pricing applications, special prices, eye catching product labeling.
- Ovals: Product labels, reminders, special messages.

Specialty Labels

Manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and similar entities need high quality labels that follow certified guidelines. 
- Consecutive Number: Help keep track of your large-scale inventory and warehouse operations. Using digital printing, variable data allows starting and ending your consecutive numbering on any digit.
- Barcodes: A key communicator between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, barcode labels are key for selling products in stores. 
- QR Codes: Quick response labels are the easiest way to transmit electronic data directly from your smartphone. Engage end consumers  through your website, for coupons, giveaways, and even contact forms.